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Welcome: The Cosmic Vultures

Say hello to the newest members of the Oak Honest Records family, The Cosmic Vultures. These estranged souls are a Boston based four-headed powerhouse specializing in their illicit blend of rock, funk, and psychedelia. Formed in 2016, The Cosmic Vultures have built upon their efforts with each release and are weeks away from unleashing their latest creation, Too Many Shapes into the wild.

Fronted by singer-guitarist, official Italian, and wrestling encyclopedia Derek Smith, the group is rounded out and made whole by Jon Chesbro on guitar and Steve Constantino on bass. On Too Many Shapes, you’ll hear Akiba Davis on the drums, however The Cosmic Vultures consist of three core members and a rotation of capable hands behind the kit.

At a time where the musical channel is infinite in it’s depth as well as it’s width, what is left to be said? How can a band possibly connect to their listeners with significance? The Cosmic Vultures have found a way. Their discography is a testament to their skill and style in their craft. There is an old magic present in music and songwriting that has been passed down and turned upside down over the ages. The Cosmic Vultures have tapped into this magic and are wielding it masterfully.

To celebrate their arrival to Oak Honest Records, we encourage you to prepare yourself for Too Many Shapes by checking out The Cosmic Vultures’ discography on their Bandcamp or your preferred streaming service today!

(Photo by Zachary Haberern)

Photo by Zachary Haberern

The Cosmic Vultures
Location: Boston, MA
Genre(s): Funk/Rock/Psychedelic
Members: Derek Smith, Jon Chesbro, Steve Constantino
For Fans Of: Red Hot Chili Peppers

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