Welcome: Michael James Anderson

Today we welcome the newest members of the Oak Honest Records family, Michael James Anderson. We have been fans of MJA for some time, all beginning with his 2008 release Wake Up for the Shakedown. His music can range from bold to desperate, from fierce to delicate. However, no matter what method Anderson decides to implement, the end result is always authentic. In today’s shifting musical landscape, this is one of the most important qualities a musician can posses.

Anderson hails from Manchester, CT but has taken his music on the road in various outfits such as metal group Flu or indie-rock unit Johnny Mainstream. His catalog is a testament to his commitment to his craft and is continuously evolving without sacrificing its original sentiment or vision. Instead of constricting his sonic universe, Anderson finds a way to expand it.

Even the ears first time listeners will great Michael James Anderson as an old friend. Check out his full discography on Bandcamp today!

Michael James Anderson
Location: Manchester, CT
Genre(s): Indie/Folk-Punk
For Fans Of: Iron and Wine, Elliot Smith, Luka Bloom


  1. So very happy you’re career is doing so well. We knew you caan go far and you’re proving us right…Congratulations……


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