Welcome: 49 Feet High

Welcome the newest members of the Oak Honest Records family, 49 Feet High. These renegades of rock are a Bridgeport based power-duo specializing in fast, hard, heavy, danceable, driving Alt-Rock/Punk/Grunge.

Fronted by singer-bassist, ‘Squirrel Man’ Andrew White and backed by drummer Joe Covino, the group creates music that you would swear came from a group twice their size. At a time when music is either over-indulgent or incredibly minimalist, 49FH finds a middle ground where catchy hooks meet fuzz and raw power!

To celebrate their arrival to Oak Honest Records, we encourage you to prepare yourself for their upcoming release by checking out 2020’s EP, Speak, on their Bandcamp or your preferred streaming service today!

(Photo by Gingersnaps Photography)

49 Feet High
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Genre(s): Alt-Rock/Punk/Grunge
Members: Andrew White, Joe Covino
For Fans Of: Sound Garden, Project 86,

Photography by Gingersnaps Photography

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