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Major Announcement: Mojo Dojo

Oak Honest Records has entered the dojo. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of legendary trio and certified funk rockers of excellence, Mojo Dojo. This three headed funk-rock monster has been on our radar for years. Avid music listeners of Southern New England know of the magic, focus, and energy that these three possess and we at OHR are honored to share the good word.

In fact, we are not only just announcing Mojo’s arrival to our humble label, but we are also proudly announcing the arrival of their first album on 3/25/21. This album has been highly anticipated by their loyal fans and we are honored to be part of the process.

Video by Postfix Media

For those not in the know, we are taking about an album stacked with infectious hooks, righteous riffs, and stellar grooves. This beast is a mover, a shaker, a head banger, and an earthquaker!

Consider yourself warned. This record will turn heads, break necks, and leave all your boxes checked. Mojo Dojo’s debut album will be available on March 25th on Bandcamp and across major streaming services.

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