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Digital Pre-Orders Now Available

We are shouting from the mountain tops to let you know that Oak Honest Records in closing in on proudly presenting not one, but two fantastic new albums! These bad chickens are now available for digital pre-order with a physical pre-order date still to be announced.

The first album to drop is a self titled debut effort from funk rockers of excellence, Mojo Dojo. This record is an undeniable heavyweight loaded with choice cuts, funky grooves, and mind altering musical exploration. We highly recommend that fans of funk/rock, alternative, or even hard rock enter the dojo. If you like RHCP you will understand their appeal but there is a maturity present in Mojo’s music that the Pepper’s took years to develop. Mojo Dojo is a sonic embodiment of focus, power, and discipline. Their first official offering ‘goes live’ on March 25th.

Video by Postfix Media

The second album being released this month is Ink and Nicotine by Red Idle Rejects. The Rejects were one of the first bands to join us here at OHR. We were immediately impressed by their existing catalog. The Red Idle Rejects occupy an interesting space in music. A location that is infinitely expansive, yet hard to pin down, this is the space between genres. The style produced by the Red Idle Rejects is instantly identifiable as “country”, some listeners may even say, “folk” or “Americana”. However, none of these labels do justice in communicating the true feel of their sound. Our ears hear country twang, but they also hear a strong alternative spirit leading the charge. The same spirit that has urged musicians to ignore the rules and carry out their work for a millennia. Fans of classic country as well as rock and alternative will see value in this album. Ink and Nicotine will be available digitally on March 27th with physical copies to follow.

These two albums and their respective camps are quite different from each other. Yet they both have a home here at Oak Honest Records. We believe in the power of these artists and their incredible efforts. This is what making honest records in all about and we are proud to do it. For those keeping score at home, check out the links below to stay in the know!

Pre-Order: Mojo Dojo – Mojo Dojo
Pre-Order: Red Idle Rejects – Ink and Nicotine


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