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Groovin’ Again: The Cosmic Vultures Begin Recording New Music

The Vulture is out of the bag! Our resident cosmic aviators are back in the studio brewing up another batch of high quality tunes! This will be their first release with their new drummer, Dalton DeLima. After 2020’s Too Many Shapes, fans across the region are hungry for more sounds, more shapes, and more tunes!

If the Vultures have demonstrated anything with their catalog, it is that they are an effective and adaptive bunch. Their sound isn’t pigeon-holed, these Vultures fly high! What will this next album entail? Will it rock? Will the funk be undeniable? Will it show a softer side?

It’s anyone’s guess.

Only time will tell.

Check out The Cosmic Vultures on Bandcamp or Spotify, dive into their catalog, and be sure to keep an eye out for a live show near you! Fans in the Boston area can find the Vultures in action on July 9th at the Peabody VFW with Grace Drive and Renegade Cartel!


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