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Rockers O’K and the Night Crew to release single, “The Poor Surgeon”

New England based rock and roll power trio O’K and the Night Crew has announced that they will be releasing a new single, The Poor Surgeon, across major streaming services on August 27th.

Fresh recordings from this group have been highly anticipated after it was announced that they were recording with Ryan Cohen and Co. at Robot Dog Studio in northern Vermont. Their debut album O’K and the Night Crew was released in 2018 and showed the promise and potential possessed by these musicians. This new single will expand on the sounds captured on that self titled album.

“The Poor Surgeon is essentially an exploration of the concept of quality as a universal constant,” says singer-guitarist Derek O’Kanos. That’s cool and all Derek, but what the people want to know is does this thing rock? We at OHR say, “Oh Hell Yeah it does!”

Fans will be pleased to know that this is no stand alone single, but is actually preceding the release of their second full length album, Zen and the Art of Rock and Roll Maintenance. While the release date of the album has yet to be determined, supporters can expect something that is heavier, funkier, and more bombastic than 2018’s release.

With production provided by rockstar extraordinaire Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big) and endless support from fans and us at Oak Honest Records, O’K and the Night Crew is ready to make a statement.

Listen to The Poor Surgeon on all major streaming services on August 27th!

(Photo by Duke Mulberry / Video by Postfix Media)

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