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Michael James Anderson to release new EP, ‘Scarecrow, I Think I’ll Miss You Most of All’

Connecticut indie/folk/cow-punk staple Michael James Anderson is releasing a new EP entitled, ‘Scarecrow, I Think I’ll Miss You Most of All‘ this October on Oak Honest Records. The EP is his first release with the label as well as the label’s first release to be pressed on vinyl. SITIMYMA will be released on limited edition 7″ vinyl and across streaming platforms on October 15, 2021.

“I love cop shows,” says Anderson. “There was a scene in one show I was watching where the accused was being freed… and as he walked out of the precinct he looked back at the detective who locked him up and said, “Scarecrow, I think I’ll miss you most of all”… I thought it was fitting since some of the lyrics on this record are about looking back on past relationships, seeing the good in them, but also feeling the hurt from the heartbreak.”

The thing I like about the picture on the cover is that even before you put the needle to the wax, I feel like you already know what the record is gonna sound like. Like, this is gonna be raw. 

When the former Flu leader signed with OHR in November of 2020 the singer-songwriter brought with him not only the credibility of an established artist but also the expectations that come from building a catalog that is equally familiar with both quality and variety.

When asked about his approach to the EP Anderson says, “I wanted a full band for this record so I enlisted two of my long time pavement pounders (Aron Uzanas and Matt Maynes) to round out the band. Years of playing with these dudes, I knew they would get the job done. And they did.” MJA and company certainly stepped up to the plate to deliver a 4 track offering that does well to cement his signature blend of folk, punk, and emo/indie.

However, this isn’t just MJA going through the motions. Even with several releases under his belt, Anderson is continuously experimenting while refining his sound. SITIMYMA is the first MJA release to feature a cover song, Anderson explains, “This is the first time I’ve ever recorded and released a cover song. Beach Slang was, and is one of my favorite punk bands, and ‘Dirty Lights’ might be one of my all time favorite songs to listen to. The line ‘I blur all this hurt into sound’ just hits me.”

Michael James Anderson has offered one track, Drag the Coast, via youtube for listeners to check out.

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