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The Cosmic Vultures Announce New Album, ‘In Circles’ with Lead Off Single, ‘Sky Junky’

A couple months ago The Cosmic Vultures announced that they were working on a batch of new songs for an upcoming release. Last week a release date of 9/21/21 was declared. Now, we can proudly say that their next album and second for the label will be In Circles. This release will kick off featuring a new single, ‘Sky Junky’ which will go live on 9/7/21.

“Sky Junky is an emotional piece for me,” says frontman Derek Smith. “This one is about daydreaming. My head is in the clouds 75% of any given day. As humans, we want to be somewhere else or doing something else. I think it’s important that we allow ourselves to daydream and be creative. This was me
daydreaming of psychedelic imagery. This could be another addiction. Sometimes I can’t stop daydreaming about what or where I could be.”

As humans, we want to be somewhere else or doing somewhere else….

Over the last year the world has experienced a change of pace and it seems our Vultures were no exception. This album is a change in direction for the group or at least a shift in their emphasis. In Circles contains the funk and mystic that The Cosmic Vultures are known for but dives deeper into their lighter side, so to speak.

What originally started off as a Smith solo effort evolved into a full fledged Cosmic Vultures album. Smith explains, “This record was initially meant to be a solo record of mine. During the recording process there was a point where I realized that the record needed something big. What was it? What is that missing and very important factor? The Cosmic Vultures. I always feel like I’m involved in creating magic with these guys…”

The Vultures certainly posses magic and they’re ready to cast their spell on listeners with In Circles!

Keep an eye out for their new single, Sky Junky, dropping on September 7th!

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