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Flying High: The Cosmic Vultures Release New Single ‘Sky Junky’

The day has come! The Cosmic Vultures are releasing new music for the first time since they brought our label to life in November of 2020!

The world has been through quite a lot in that time and so has the band! The Vultures latest release is a bit of a departure from the sound that their fans may have come to expect. This single and the album to come is a more mellow, introspective, and gentle sound than their earlier work.

Don’t get the wrong idea! The funky rhythms and psychedelic sounds are still present but they have taken more of a back seat to the songwriting and storytelling implemented by singer/acoustic-guitarist Derek Smith.

Derek Smith explains, “Sky Junky is an emotional piece for me. This one is about daydreaming. My head is in the clouds 75% of any given day. As humans, we want to be somewhere else or doing something else. I think it’s important that we allow ourselves to daydream and be creative.”

He continues, “This was me daydreaming of psychedelic imagery. This could be another addiction. Sometimes I can’t stop daydreaming about what or where I could be. Am I ok with my life? Can I do something to change it? Am I too lazy to get up and try? Is it easier to roll back over and just sleep?”

We’ve all felt this way at some point over the last year and with this tune we can feel some relief in that we are not alone in this experience.

Next week we will witness the release of a follow up single to get us fully primed for the release of their next full length, In Circles on 9/21.

Check it out today!
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