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The Cosmic Vultures Release Follow Up Single ‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’

The Cosmic Vultures have released a follow up single in preparation for next week’s album release! Last week, we got a glimpse into the sound of In Circles via it’s lead off single, ‘Sky Junky’. Today, we say hello to ‘ Black Dance of the Gypsies’!

‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’ builds on the funky cornerstone of The Cosmic Vulture’s sound. The bass is thumpin’ as the guitar answers with staccato interjections. This song is true the vibe of TCV’s newest effort while still honoring the group’s musical history. There are interesting sounds at play and the song has the power to transport you, through it’s rhythm and potent lyricism, to what feels like another dimension.

“‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’ has always felt like the next step on this journey… I realized that I was speaking to myself…”

Derek Smith / The Cosmic Vultures

“‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’ has always felt like the next step on this journey,” says singer-guitarist Derek Smith. It’s like the moment of The Wizard of Oz, when the screen goes from black and white to color. It’s the chapter in the journey where you begin to question everything. I know I was around 14 or so when I started questioning everything I was taught. I began to challenge it. The lyrics depict, to me, the feelings and emotions that run crazy in your head while growing up. Being comfortable in your own skin, getting rejected, removing and using a mask to conceal your true self, etc.”

The song also takes on some personal observations as Derek explains, “I realized that I was speaking to myself in the chorus when I sing, ‘You never told me you were so high strung.’ Ever since I hit my thirties about four years ago, I began to always feel nervous and experience a lot of anxiety. It’s hard looking at yourself sometimes. Or all of the time.”

In Circles comes out on 9.21.21, which is one week from today! Get yourself ready by saving ‘Sky Junky’ and ‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’ and experience the duality of the vulture!

Check out ‘Black Dance of the Gypsies’ today!
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