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The Cosmic Vultures Release New Album: In Circles

The Cosmic Vultures have done it, again! Less than a year after their last release, Too Many Shapes, the Vultures deliver another incredible effort, In Circles!

It’s true that this album is somewhat of a change of pace the band but it’s not a total departure from the group’s funky roots. The bottom line is this: you can’t pigeonhole a Vulture!

In Circles expands the Vultures’ sonic universe, exploring the more alternative-singer-songwriter components of their sound. The album is mellow and more laid back than their previous efforts. The end result being a perfect album for your next rainy or hazy day.

The album’s ethereal nature disarms the listener, allowing for introspection and reflection. It’s lyrics, steeped in mysticism, paint vivid scenes of lives both lived and only imagined. Some of this may be attributed to the fact that this album was conceived as a solo release for front-man Derek Smith. However, In Circles was born as a Cosmic Vultures album, and the rest of the group clearly added the necessary je ne sais quoi!

We’d recommend In Circles to anyone, but specifically for fans of: Jane’s Addiction, RHCP, Marcy Playground, My Morning Jacket, Led Zeppelin’s ‘lighter side’, mysticism, or gentle tunes in general.

Slap on a pair of headphones and allow yourself to drift away. Check out In Circles, today!

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