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Sweet Oaky Foliage: Autumnal Update

Now that the equinox has come and gone, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate what we’ve accomplished, while sharing what we are currently working towards. We’ve released some quality material this season, with more still to come. Our bands have played some cool gigs, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s more of those too!

Look What We’ve Done!

O’K and the Night Crew
The Poor Surgeon [Single]
Released: 8/27/21
Listen on Bandcamp

The Cosmic Vultures
Sky Junky [Single]
Released: 9/7/21
Listen on Bandcamp

The Cosmic Vultures
The Black Dance of the Gypsies [Single]
Released: 9/14/21
Listen on Bandcamp

The Cosmic Vultures
In Circles
Released: 9/21/21
Listen on Bandcamp

Here’s what’s still to come!

Michael James Anderson
Scarecrow, I Think I’ll Miss You Most of All
Releasing On: 10/15/21

Not only is Michael James Anderson releasing his EP the old-fashioned way, (on wax and with a release show) but we’re also having our first label-wide get together a month later! That’s right, we’re getting the gang together in one place for a meet and greet/label throw down! We’ll be plugging this one like a hole in a boat, but get ready for the 1st ever Oak Honest Records Meet & Greet, Saturday Nov. 13th at Geraldine’s (downstairs) in Chicopee, MA!

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