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Welcome: Riley Lücifer

Allow us to introduce you to Brattleboro’s most notorious Lüciferians, the one and only Riley Lücifer. They are the Devils you should know! This four-piece collage of all things rock have been cutting their teeth deep in the New England underground and are now accepting soulful offers in exchange for eternal musical damnation.

The group was founded by long-time friends, business partners, and musical allies Jason Jensen and Otto Ginter. The two friends have honed their skills in various projects but RL was where it all came together. This is due in part to the addition of Kevin Wamsley on the drums and Re Sheppard on bass guitar.

Riley Lücifer’s sound is a tough one to nail down. Sure, you could call it Rock, but that only scratches the surface. Their signature sound is created by the amalgamation of Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, and most things in between. Armed with unrelenting spirit they play sets that are loud and intense; rock and roll in its purest state.

While they may celebrate the carnal and indulgent nature of Rock and Roll, the group’s Satanic imagery has surprisingly wholesome origins: friendship. When pressed for a name, the band turned to one of its closest friends and adamant supporters, Riley Lucier. With his blessing and namesake acquired, the band set out to do what all great bands have done: rock the world!

This is where our paths intersect. Riley Lücifer is committed to their un-cut and uncouth Rock and Roll and we at Oak Honest Records are committed to making sure that you hear it! Their Satanic Majesties will be releasing some material in the coming weeks. Consider yourself warned.

Riley Lücifer
Location: Brattleboro, VT
Genre(s): Rock/Punk/Garage
Members: Jason Jensen, Otto Ginter, Re Sheppard, Kevin Wamsley
For Fans Of: AC/DC, Weezer, The Stooges, Gary Moore

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