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An Honest Success: OHR’s First Label Showcase

We at Oak Honest Records want to thank YOU! We could not have had the year that we’ve had without your support! Since our first release in Nov. 2020 to today, we have released incredible music, introduced fans to new up and coming artists, and had a hell of a time in the process. It was because of these reasons, and more, that we decided to hold a showcase event/meet and greet. We weren’t exactly sure how it would turn out, seeing as it is only our first anniversary, but you all came out in strong support of this label, our artists, and the work we’re doing.

It has truly been inspiring to witness this label grow from an idea to an up and coming New England oriented powerhouse! Artists that join our ranks seem recharged and inspired from the camaraderie and energy emanating from our scene! That’s right! Our scene! That we’ve built together!

Our lineup of friends and family had everyone movin’, groovin, and otherwise loving life! Head honcho Derek O’Kanos kicked off the night with a solo performance before handing things off to label-friend Lisa Lawrence. She delivered her powerful, nearly operatic vocals over country-esque guitar picking to everyone’s enjoyment. Next, Michael James Anderson closed the acoustic portion of the evening with his signature blend of Elliot Smith inspired indie-emo and cow-punk pickin’ and strummin’.

The Dilemma began the second half of the event with a rip-roaring set of high energy pop/rock/alternative to get everybody going, with Dilemma frontman Corey Rieman leaving it all on the stage! Allovous then kept things going with a strong showing of funk and jam. It was intelligent jamming that drew the crowd in before blasting them off!

This is where things got really interesting. Not only was this our first label showcase, it also happened to be the single release show for our very own Riley Lucifer! They unleashed a hellacious onslaught of their twisted brand of hard rock, punk rock, that incorporates jam and pop sensibilities. Copies of their new EP sold like hotcakes, and rightfully so! Everyone in attendance became an instant fan. After their sonic assault, O’K and the Night Crew came on to finish the job! The band wasted no time in kicking everyone’s asses with a barrage of hard rockin’ riffs! O’KNC also performed their most recent single ‘The Poor Surgeon’ as well as their upcoming single to be released this Friday, ‘Phaedrus the Wolf’! Chants of, “O’K! O’K! O’K!” filled the venue and the band delivered a high octane encore to send ’em all home happy!

Now we’ve all seen first hand, the potential for greatness that comes from working together. Collectively, we were able to put on the best show happening that night in three states, easily. We’re eager to see what comes next! Oak Honest Records is red hot off the tails of this event and we owe that to YOU! Thank you again.


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