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Welcome: Autumn Hollow

The Oak Honest Records family tree is growing, growing, growing! Our branches are reaching for the sky and our roots are stretching deeper than ever. Please welcome the newest addition to our roster, Autumn Hollow.

Autumn Hollow is a Boston based Americana outfit, but that description hardly scratches the surface of their immense range. Their sound is made up of elements from classic country, folk, and Americana that are harnessed in a modern, indie, alternative way. Various write-ups on Autumn Hollow include mentions of The Band, but we also hear elements of Springsteen, Social D, John Prine, Bright Eyes, and others.

Rather than simply putting on an air of dusty grit, Autumn Hollow has made their own way. Autumn Hollow is authentic, as are their ideas, lyrics, and songs. Their magic is in part due to their ability to present broader concepts contained almost secretly within slice of life scenes. Oak Honest Records was born out of the idea that all authentic music has value regardless of genre – naturally, we are an excellent pairing.

Fans of the band, of indie-rock, and of Americana, have plenty to look forward to from Autumn Hollow. The group has played hundreds of shows and is a working band. With their sleeves rolled up and a strong catalog to draw from, Autumn Hollow is doing what they do best; being themselves. We are proud to present them to you. Do yourself a musical favor and check them out today!

Autumn Hollow
Location: Boston, MA
Genre(s): Americana/Rock/Indie
Members: Brendan Murphy, Chuck Vath, Mike Burke, James DeFilippo, Nick Campbell

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