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Rooting for Laundry: Autumn Hollow Announces New Single

Oak Honest Records’ newest members Autumn Hollow are set to release their next single, Rooting for Laundry, across digital platforms on May 25th. Their last single, Meantime/Between Time, was released last month, and has set the stage for continued growth in the world of Autumn Hollow.

The new single is a driving number. Despite AH’s laid back tendencies, this track is as relentless, as it is realistically optimistic. It acknowledges the hardships of life honestly, and head-on. However, never from a place of defeat, but rather, determination.

“Don’t let anyone do something for you, when freedom’s waiting outside your door…”

Fans can pre-save the single on Spotify using this link:

Rooting for Laundry will be released on May 25th!

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