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Welcome: DC Wolves

The darkness has reached Oak Honest Records! Today, we announce what is perhaps our heaviest signee yet, DC Wolves! When your logo involves a tree and you conduct an ongoing songwriter series; you may be pigeonholed as being this type of label, or that type of label. We’ve never wanted to one dimensional and DC Wolves is here to bring us to another dimension. Come along, won’t you?

DC Wolves, aka Dan Cahill, is a multi-instrumentalist based out of Enfield, CT. This happens to be the motherland of Oak Honest Records, but that’s a story for another time. DC is a sonic explorer who melds elements of stoner rock, post-rock, grunge, and much more. The end result is a sound that is truly impressive in its range. From driving cutting riffs to grand ethereal moments, DC Wolves does it all with sensibility and style – the DC Wolves catalog possesses an undeniable mystique. With two albums, and an EP under their belt, there is plenty to sink your teeth into.

Give DC Wolves a listen!

DC Wolves
Location: Enfield, CT
Genre(s): Rock/Stoner Rock/Alt./Metal

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