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Massachusetts Plates: New Single from Sage Hatfield

Sage Hatfield, New England based musician and OHR’s newest addition, is here with a new single! With only a week until the release of his full length, Leftover Bliss, here’s a chance for listeners to get acquainted.

In Massachusetts Plates, Hatfield uses gentle sonic brushstrokes to paint a picture we all can relate to. His brand of indie, new-folk, and bedroom pop warrants comparisons to the likes of Elliot Smith, but not in a derivative sense. Hatfield doesn’t just follow the melancholy blueprint laid out by those who came before him. Instead, as a kindred spirit, he is gracefully making his way to take his place beside them.

Check it out today and get ready for Leftover Bliss, coming July 1st!

Respect, OHR

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