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Summertime Heat: New Releases, Shows, and More

July may be winding down but OHR’s summer is still in full swing! The label is growing, the music is flowing, and all is well! We’ve been beating the heat by being cool! (although we hear being ice cold is cooler.) Let’s take a minute to celebrate the work we’ve done and the amazing things to come!


Sage Hatfield – Leftover Bliss

This month saw not one, but two new releases from our most recently signed artists. The first being Sage Hatfield’s Leftover Bliss, released on the 1st. This indie, bedroom-pop, folk album is an absolute monster of it’s genre(s). It’s raw, gentle, and revealing – and because of that, so powerful. Sage paints his dream-scapes over 12 tracks that fill the air with cigarette smoke and yearning. If you could listen to the sound of watching the sunset on a long drive, or the sound of staying up all night drinking wine from a bag around some patio furniture – it would be something like Leftover Bliss.

Leftover Bliss links:
Apple Music

Dylan Brody & Chauncey Bowers – Road Tested

Our next release would transform the label as we knew it. When we set out to do this thing, we envisioned ourselves as a collective of musicians, who, you know, … make music. However, when the opportunity to work with comedy presented itself in the form of charming and witty Dylan Brody, we could not refuse. Mr. Brody had done something quite comedic, but not without music! On the 20th we released his first collaborative album, Road Tested. At his side was L.A. based musician Chauncey Bowers and together they have created an album that is truly a listening experience. The songs and stories support each other. They are complimentary, expanding on ideas presented in the other. Most importantly, they make space for each other. Rather than ending up with something that is less than comedy and worse than music, Brody and Bowers take the right steps to combine the purest elements from both disciplines. This is a must listen.

Road Tested links:
Apple Music


July was a great month for live performances from our roster! Dozens of gigs were played across the greater New England area. Together, we reach across the region, providing good times and good tunes for all. Just this last Saturday four of our artists (Michale James Anderson, The Cosmic Vultures, Haunting Titans, and Derek O’Kanos) had performances on the same day! However, July also saw OHR’s first ever digital drop party, welcoming Brody and Bowers’ Road Tested! This virtual event was organized by OHR, Postfix Media, and Active Voice Productions to connect Brody and Bowers (in Los Angeles) with their fans from across the country and beyond. We look forward to curating similar events and good ol’ fashioned shows in the future!

Here’s a look at remaining OHR shows for July:

7.28 – Sage Hatfield – Tine – Brattleboro, VT
7.29 – Derek O’Kanos – Morris Town Beach – Morris, CT
7.29 – Red Idle Rejects – Bircus Brewery – Ludlow, KY
7.30 – O’K and the Night Crew – Pizza Stone – Chester, VT

Stay cool out there!

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