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Sage Hatfield to release new EP ‘Failing Upwards’

There’s no rest for the wicked or the whimsical! Oak Honest Records’ bedroom indie mastermind Sage Hatfield has announced that he will be releasing a new EP, Failing Upwards, on October 1.

Sage burst onto the music scene in recent months pulling many listeners in with his first release Leftover Bliss. His success and charm as a songwriter comes from his honesty and vulnerability, offering a perspective that is beautiful, gritty, and unfiltered.

Fans can expect a similar vibe from these new recordings, but they should not expect more of the same. “The first record was about getting those songs out while I could still relate to them,” says Sage. He continues, “These are some songs that weren’t quite ready for the first record, or didn’t fit the vibe, and there are also some new songs. I think this will be a sweeter, more cohesive release, there’s a definitely an Autumn feel here.”

Look for Sage Hatfield’s new EP Failing Upwards across the web on release day Oct. 1

In the meantime, check out his first release Leftover Bliss:

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