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Doctor’s Orders: The Cosmic Vultures to Release New Single ‘Psychotherapy’ on 10.28

Doctor’s Orders: The Cosmic Vultures to Release New Single Psychotherapy on 10.28

Mark your calendars! Later this month you have an appointment with The Cosmic Vultures. OHR’s avians of funk have a new single Psychotherapy dropping on October 28th! This is their first release since their last full length album, In Circles. No matter if you are a long time fan or a newly devoted follower, you’re gonna want to hear this!

The Cosmic Vultures have been busy as of late. The band has been actively performing around the greater Boston area, cultivating an incredible live show and a worthy reputation as movers and shakers in the scene. In addition to getting out and playing live, they have been hard at work writing and recording new material. In the role of producer on this fresh crop is David Minehan of Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA!

This year both The Cosmic Vultures and David Minehan have been nominated for New England Music Awards, Artist of the Year and Producer of the Year respectively. You can vote for them using this link. This current period see’s the band as dialed in as ever and this new single will serve as exhibit A.

Psychotherapy is ripe with the signature sound of The Cosmic Vultures. To put that into broader musical canon terms would be something like: RHCP with elements of Zappa and Steely Dan at work. The Vultures give you all the sugary pop you can handle between blasting you with impressive chops via thoughtfully arranged instrumental passages. In addition to the hard workin’ bass, groovy drums, and ethereal guitars you may have come to expect from the band; while listening you may ask yourself, “Is Derek Smith the most underrated singer in New England?’ We know we sure did.

Psychotherapy – The Cosmic Vultures – NEW SINGLE!

DROPPING 10.28.22 on Oak Honest Records.

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