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OHR’s Wayward Sons Carry On: Riley Lücifer Born Again

OHR’s Wayward Sons Carry On: Riley Lücifer Born Again

Brattleboro’s sick minded subterranean punk rock practitioners are at it again. They have risen from the ashes of the recent plague with a renewed fire and a new line up. It’s nothing to scoff at when a band faces and successfully navigates such a crossroads (they would know a thing or to about those, wouldn’t they?). Let’s give these devils their due!

Riley Lücifer now consists of Bobby Seahawk (Happy Jawbone Family Band) on bass guitar and Derek O’Kanos (O’K and the Night Crew) on drums alongside founding members and brethren in rock Jason Jensen and Otto Ginter.

L-R: Bobby Seahawk, Derek O’Kanos, Otto Ginter, Jason Jensen

Initially formed as a duo around 2015, this is the group’s first major shift since becoming a quartet. While the lineup may have changed, their mission, and their dedication to it has not. Rock and roll damnation is still the primary objective and these boys are as dialed in as ever. The unholy faithful will be pleased to know that Riley Lücifer are still cranking out sing-along bangers that get the crowd moving, and instrumental epics that bring time and space to a stand still!

The band has been putting their collective nose to the grindstone, tightening their set, and gearing up to hit the ground running and rocking. These guys are a hungry group of players, hellbent on bringing their signature brand of uncouth and uncut rock and roll to every low down joint in New England and beyond!

Sinners rejoice! Riley Lücifer has returned.

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