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A Party in New England: OHR Meet & Greet Part Deux

A Party in New England: OHR Meet & Greet Part Deux

Bonjour and salut! We are thrilled to announce that our second annual label get-together is happening on Saturday, November 26, at New City Brewery in Easthampton, MA. That’s right, prepare yourself for OHR Meet & Greet: PART DEUX! We’re back with another cast of characters to meet and greet as we celebrate the music of New England.

As previously stated, this year we’ll be at New City Brewery in Easthampton, MA. We’re grateful for their support of the local music scene, and of course it never hurts to have great beer on hand! Located in a historic mill building, they are committed to their craft as well as their community. In this sense, our missions are one and the same. We are grateful and excited to have them hosting our big event!

The show kicks off at 4pm and is teaming with talent from the greater region. We’re proud to present to you, some of the finest songwriters in the area in the likes of: Sage Hatfield, Brendan Murphy, Michael James Anderson, Dan Patrick Cahill, and Derek O’Kanos.

Now, that’s a strong show in and of itself. However, we’re not just a folk label! We’re bringing out the bands to make some proper noise. Riley Lücifer, O’K and the Night Crew, and Haunting Titans will all be joining the festivities! Fifteen dollars at the door gets you in to see 8 (that’s right, eight!) of the finest acts in New England.

We never would have imagined back in 2020 when we first started, that we would have grown into the community that we are today. This is our chance to come together as friends and family, share in the gift of our talents, and celebrate the good work we have done. We can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets are available at the door or online!

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