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A Night to Remember: OHR Meet & Greet Part Deux

Brendan Murphy, Derek O’Kanos, and Michael James Anderson – Photo by Postfix

A Night to Remember: OHR Meet & Greet Part Deux

Saturday, November 26, 2022 was a special night for us at Oak Honest Records. The time was right, the stars were aligned, and the stage was set. We had been working toward this evening for the last year; hours of effort went into the planning, development, and promotion of this project. Would it be well received by the community? Would there be an interest in a multi-genre showcase? Would there be any growth from last year’s Meet and Greet? Ultimately, we decided to bet on ourselves, and the answer would undoubtedly be YES.

New City Brewery, located in Easthampton, MA was instrumental to the success of this night. They graciously provided a beautifully suitable space and plenty of fine food and drink. We were drawn to them because of their support of the local music community. It was spectacular to both contribute to and benefit from that support system.

Dan Patrick Cahill of DC Wolves – Photo by Postfix

The show began with some chatting and drinking as folks milled about before a wave of solo acts filled the majority of the night. All of them distinct from each other, clearly drawing from different areas of music and life. However, among the performers was a strong sense of brotherhood, camaraderie, and a sense of consistency in message and mission. Derek O’Kanos, Dan Patrick Cahill with John Porter, Jr., Michael James Anderson, Sage Hatfield, and Brendan Murphy all delivered their respective goods!

Otto Ginter of Riley Lucifer – Photo by Postfix

The energy was then elevated as we transitioned to the electric portion of the evening. The room that was once full of wall flowers and table goers started to fill in for a proper rocker. Riley L├╝cifer and O’K and the Night Crew both cranked the Marshalls and showed the audience first hand that we aren’t just a folk label.

To have seen musicians and music lovers gathered to support our label, some of them having drove multiple hours, meant everything to us. We weren’t working to only support ourselves, but also to support our friends, support our communities, and to erase some of the invisible lines we’ve created between the New England states. We would say that have been successful in our mission thus far.

Thank you all for being a part of it!

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