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RNR Frenzy kicks off in Vermont!

RNR Frenzy kicks off in Vermont!

Hysteria takes hold in the hills as we gear up for the OHR RNR Frenzy Series kicking off tomorrow in Randolph, VT. You may recall the New England Songwriters Showcase Series we conducted earlier this year; from January through May we took singer-songwriters from our roster and got them out and in front of audiences across the greater New England area. Now, the time has come to recreate this experience with our bands! That’s right, we’re sending our true noisemakers out into the world, and they’re likely coming to somewhere near YOU!

This traveling rotating tour package will play once a month in a different New England state as a way to spread the love (and the good word). Seeing as we’re officially based in the Green Mountain State, we thought this is where we should kick things off! Randolph is a small town located roughly in the middle of the state. However, don’t be fooled, this town has quite the appetite for live music and the arts. At the center of this is Vincent Freeman and The Underground.

Vincent Freeman – New England Music Hero; Owner, The Underground

The Underground began as a recording studio and has recently expanded to include a listening room. Our paths crossed during the pandemic when OHR owner Derek O’Kanos went into the studio for their ‘Live from The Underground’ series. Through their recording services, live series, organization of community events, and regular concerts, the team at The Underground has built an impressive scene in the Randolph area. Given that we are both working towards a lively music community, it was the perfect pairing.

We’re bringing O’K and the Night Crew, Riley Lücifer, and DC Wolves (coming from CT) to ignite the fire needed to carry this series to its finale! All three acts are completely drenched in rock and roll, providing enough common ground to keep you head bangin’ through the night. However, those looking for nuance will be pleased to know that these outfits are distinct, drawing from different areas of influence. Riley Lücifer is an unholy amalgamation of pop-punk, garage, and hard rock. DC Wolves is a darker riff heavy outfit that mixes rock with alternative and metal elements. Finally, O’K and the Night Crew is a high octane mix of hard rock, blues, funk, and stoner rock.

Get your tickets here or at the door! This promises to be a night of New England based excellence. Come witness the scene we’re cultivating one show at a time!

Friday, December 9, 2022, at The Underground in Randolph, VT – be there or live with regret! (or consider joining us later in the series)

Next stop for OHR RNR Frenzy:
Saturday, January 28, 2023 at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, CT


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