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RNR Frenzy coming to Connecticut!

RNR Frenzy coming to Connecticut!

After a successful first showing in Vermont, our rock and roll frenzy has its sights set on the Constitution State! From the Green Mountains to the Flatlands, and everywhere in between, our mission is simple: bring rock and roll to the people of New England. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is to put wheels on the road and meet the people wherever they are. Follow us nearly 200 miles South and you’ll at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, CT.

As previously stated, this traveling rotating tour package will play once a month in a different New England state as a way to spread the love (and the good word). While we are technically based in Vermont, this old oak has roots stretching back to Connecticut. Many bands in the greater area play most of their shows within a relatively small radius. OHR is here to shake things up, get bands in front of new fans, and give the people something new.

A night at Bleachers shot by Isa Rose Photography

Bleachers is well-known to most bands in the Connecticut scene, and regarded as a favorable place to perform. A good stage, lighting, and smoke machines give shows held there that big-time feel. A full bar, a good sized room, and a few pool tables make it a place where listeners can unwind and rock bands thrive. Bleachers is a hot spot for the central CT scene because of its infrastructure as well as its accessibility. Unlike some pretentious venues that act as gatekeepers of the scene, Bleachers is a place where upcoming bands can cut their teeth, traveling bands can add a tour stop, and scene veterans can throw a home town bash! The New England scene in general needs more places like Bleachers. A vibrant and ACTIVE scene is good for all of us!

This time we’re extending a hand to a band we have yet to work with – the mighty EGG! OHR is all about sharing the stage and the scene! We are pro-music community and less fond of labels or restrictions. EGG! not only understand this, but thrives as a result. Rather than exploiting a singular sound for all its worth, EGG! combines elements of emo, indie, prog, and rock to create an alternative blend that is as engaging as it is eclectic.

In addition to EGG! we’re bringing O’K and the Night Crew, Riley Lücifer, and DC Wolves to stoke the flame! Four acts that are completely drenched in rock and roll, providing enough common ground to keep you head bangin’ through the night. This promises to be an enchanted evening for anyone who fancies themselves a rocker, a roller, or a music lover.

Saturday, January 28, 2023, at Bleachers in Bristol, CT – be there or live with regret! (or consider joining us later in the series)

Next stop for OHR RNR Frenzy:
Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at the Stone Church Music Club in Newmarket, NH!


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