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RNR Frenzy Touches Down in Massachusetts!

RNR Frenzy Touches Down in Massachusetts!

Home sweet home! Well, not exactly. For many of our bands as well as the rest of the western New England music scene, 13th Floor Music Lounge has served as a home-base of sorts. The eclectic, yet heavy leaning venue has been a well polished, hidden gem of the scene for years. Local groups, bands on tour, and everyone in between has likely graced this stage. They are the kind of club that fuels the scene with new blood rather than gate-keep the same worn out circuit.

Our RNR Frenzy was born to celebrate the bands, clubs, and people of New England. One at a time we’re making our rounds and hittin’ the towns! This show will see musicians from Mass., Conn., and Vermont gather in Florence for a night spent in the name of rock and roll! We believe that the true music scene is made up of regular people seeking creativity and meaning out of life. The big-time venues, corporate arenas, and overpriced concerts don’t reflect who we are, or what we want to say to the world. We’re not some soul-less, cash grabbing entity! We are Oak Honest Records and we’re here to share our art!

Shot from the 13th Floor courtesy of JJ’s Tavern

This round features some familiar faces as well as some newcomers! OHR supporters are likely already familiar with O’K and the Night Crew, DC Wolves, and Riley Lücifer. These three bands have been at the heart of our RNR Frenzy thus far. However, making their first appearance for OHR is Oozie! The western Mass. based outfit is tough to nail down sonically, but are completely within the realm of rock and roll. Elements of alternative, punk, and psychedelia create that sweet, sweet ooze that we all crave!

Friday, March 24, 2023, at the 13th Floor Music Lounge in Florence, MA – join us in celebrating this rock and roll hot spot we call New England!

Next stop for OHR RNR Frenzy:
Rhode Island! See you in April!


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