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Welcome: Johnny Mainstream

Welcome: Johnny Mainstream

Connecticut music scene veterans and indie darlings Johnny Mainstream have joined forces with us at Oak Honest Records. After a long hiatus the band is returning from brink of nonexistence to deliver new music to your ears. If for some inexcusable reason you’re not already familiar with them, allow us to introduce you to one of New England’s finest and most longstanding bands.

Photo by Paul Ofria (L-R: Dan Garaffa, Michael James Anderson, Matt Maynes, Brendan Donnelly)

The OHR faithful already know and love our friend Michael James Anderson. However, the origins of our collective story stretch back to the early 2010’s. As we have previously documented, OHR is very much a descendant of Sling Slang Records. Both MJA and OHR owner Derek O’Kanos were signed to the CT indie label at the time, as was a pre-Anderson Johnny Mainstream. Ultimately, MJA would join the outfit and create the line up we know as JM today.

It was the foundation laid down by Sling Slang Records that led us to Johnny Mainstream. Back in 2017, a pre-OHR O’K and the Night Crew were throwing a block party event at Sully’s Pub (RIP) in Hartford, CT. One of the bands recruited to play was JM due to Mike and Derek’s Sling Slang connection. Out of friendship and good faith, MJA handed him a copy of the band’s newest tape at that time, ‘Basement Trash’. The phenomenal EP landed the band on our radar where they have been ever since. Now, fifteen years since joining Sling Slang Records, we have found ourselves together again.

However, that’s merely how we came to find and know the band. What about the band themselves? Johnny Mainstream consists of singer/guitarist Matt Maynes, bassist Daniel Garaffa, drummer and photographer/designer Brendan Donnelly, and guitarist Michael James Anderson. The band released their debut album ‘Shipwrecked!’ on Sling Slang Records in 2011. Since then the band has released two additional albums, an EP, a split, and performed 100’s of shows.

Their upcoming album ‘Come Back East’ will be available digitally on 5.19.23 across streaming platforms with CD and vinyl pressings to follow. Fans can expect the empathic angst that comes with the territory of post-folk, post-punk, but dialed up to 10! It’s a rocker, a bopper, and an energizing listen. No matter where you live, you’ll want to come back east with Johnny Mainstream.

Johnny Mainstream Come Back East
Available 5.19.23 on Oak Honest Records

Johnny Mainstream
Location: Manchester, CT
Genre(s): Alternative, Post-Folk, Post-Punk

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