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Release Day, May 19: 3 Releases for 3 Years

Release Day, May 19: 3 Releases for 3 Years

Oak Honest Records has been at work, growing its roots, and we now have some wonderful projects coming into bloom. This Friday, the 19th, marks a monumental occasion for the label, our roster, and our catalog! We are grateful to be able to share this news with our friends, fans, and supporters! We thank you for joining us in our efforts to champion the music scene of New England and beyond.

You may recall a few months ago when we unleashed three weeks of new releases, with one being dropped each Friday. In that time we released a single from both Lisa Lawrence and The Cosmic Vultures, as well as a split EP from DC Wolves! Anytime that we can add music to our growing label catalog is a success. Each song confirms that the mission of the label is alive, working, and true. Every addition brings us closer to becoming the most comprehensive collective in the scene. Well, here we are yet again, and with even more reason to celebrate!

We’ve turning 3!

It’s hard to believe an idea that started so long ago, that became a flimsy what if in late 2019, and ultimately a reality in 2020 – is still around, and flourishing! In May of 2020, OHR was a one artist label with no releases. Today, we’re a collective of over a dozen artists with over one hundred songs between us. We’ve released our own music, thrown our own shows, and supported each other along the way. We’ve created this space together and we should be proud of the good work that we’ve accomplished!

So, to celebrate three years of being Oak Honest, we’re giving listeners three new releases to dig!

Now, we are firm believers in the majesty of all six New England states, but it looks like we’re Charter Oak Honest Records this month because all three of these releases hail from Connecticut. Here’s what we have coming to your ears on Friday:

Lisa Lawrence – Thank the Rain (single)
Folk rock, alternative country, indie

Pre-save on Spotify

Haunting Titans – Care For You (single)
Alternative, pop, rock

Pre-save on Spotify

Johnny Mainstream – Come Back East (full length)
Indie, post-folk, post-punk

Pre-order on Bandcamp

We’ve got all of the above coming this Friday, May 19th! We’re out of our terrible 2’s and ready to rock! We’ll be sure to provide all the necessary listening links on release day, but for now you can pre-save and pre-order at the links above!

As always, there’s more where that came from! We’ve got more music from Haunting Titans arriving at the end of the month. You can also expect new material from Lisa Lawrence and Derek Smith of The Cosmic Vultures in June. More details still to come.

Respectfully yours,
A 3 year old OHR

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