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Welcome: Jonah Siegel

Welcome: Jonah Siegel

OHR has become one of New England’s fastest growing independent labels. Our roster of artists consists of self motivated creatives eager to make a name for themselves without compromising their art or their integrity. We strive to foster a supportive scene of not just artists, but people supporting each other; bands, fans, venues, all of us. We like to think that this methodology is what has led us to our newest signee, Jonah Siegel.

Currently living in Brooklyn, Jonah is a New England raised songwriter that some may remember from the Brattleboro area group Beated Rags. Jonah’s style is a somewhat ethereal, potent mix of pop songwriting and chill, indie vibes. Fans of OHR’s Sage Hatfield will be naturally drawn to Siegel’s sounds, and would be pleased to know the two are good friends and collaborators.

The groundwork has been laid for Jonah to release new music with OHR on June 11. Listeners can expect mellow, yet gut wrenching sounds from a truly up and coming songwriter. We will be sharing more information regarding this release as we get closer. For now, take our recommendation that this is something you’ll want in your collection.

Jonah Siegel
Location: Brooklyn, NYC
Genre(s): Indie, Pop, Emo

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