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Spoken Roads

Derek O’Kanos – Spoken Roads (EP)
2022 – Oak Honest Records

Recorded, Mixed: Andrew Oedel
Ghost Hit Recording – W. Springfield, MA

Mastered: Kevin Butler
Test Tube Audio – Austin, TX

Produced: Andrew Oedel and Derek O’Kanos

All songs published by Songs of the Water Shark (BMI)
© Oak Honest Records 2022

All sounds performed by Derek O’Kanos
All lyrics by Derek O’Kanos

Track listing:
1. Simple Life
2. Surrender
3. What Good’s a Feeling?
4. Little Bird
5. The Word Love

Recorded June 1, 2, 3, 6, 2022

Spoken Roads
Simple Life
What Good's a Feeling?
Little Bird
The Word Love
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