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DC Wolves

Location: Enfield, CT
Genre(s): Rock, Metal, Stoner Rock, Alternative
Members: Dan Cahill – Vocals, Guitar/ Joe Brun -Drums/ Andy Kelley – Bass/ John Porter – Guitar


Dan Cahill spent endless hours hunting down every note he could play and every sound he could imagine. What started as social and artistic curiosity became a lifelong journey the moment he heard his first recording blared through a pair of studio headphones.

As years of playing in metal, rock, and shoegaze bands blended into routine, Cahill grew an appetite for both creative autonomy and synergistic collaboration. In 2016, he ventured out into the wilderness in search of a sound he could call his own, and a pack of original minds to bring it to life. It wasn’t until the next year that his music took shape and his solo project, DC Wolves rose to the surface. And three albums later, the band has garnered sonic prowess that only continues to mature with each release. 

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