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Lisa Lawrence

Location: Manchester, CT
Genre(s): Americana, Rock, Indie, Alt. Country

Connecticut based singer and songwriter Lisa Lawrence fully intended on becoming a professional dancer until she was inadvertently hit by a truck while crossing the street. While her dancing dreams were put on hold she picked up a guitar and began writing music. Since then, she has been performing throughout New England and Nashville and Memphis , TN. She is a longtime solo artist and plays electric guitar and sings in the band “The Lost Royals.”

Lisa grew up in the white mountains of New Hampshire and has a love of nature which is a common theme theme in her lyrics. Lisa is a classically trained singer with a degree in music theory and composition and has performed on stages from Carnegie Hall, Beale St Memphis and throughout New England. “Her music is sweet, gritty, and confessional.” – (My Emu is Emo her). Lisa varies from Alt Country to blues and folk rock.

Throughout her 20 year recording history she has released numerous CD’s as a solo artist. Her most recent CD “Good Love Gone Bad” featured various Connecticut musicians and was recorded by Manchester native Charles Uzanas. She is currently pursuing her goal of recording and producing her own music in her home studio which began over 20 years ago as a Fostex 4 track mixed in her car stereo. Lisa’s newest singles have all been self produced and recorded in her home studio.

OHR Discography:

1993 If I Had A Time Machine
Summer I’m Doing Better Than You
Thank the Rain
HWMFCI, pt. 3
I Can’t Let You

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